16 février 2015, par Hakan

Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians Born Ktrij Nersessian, he was enthroned in 1999 as the 132nd Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos (meaning “universal leader”) of Echmiadzin, the holy seat of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Church. (...)

5 février 2015, par Engin

Who is responsible for the closing of Turkish-Armenian border Maxime Gauin Print Page Send to friend » Share on Facebook A growing campaign, inside and outside Turkey, is advocating the opening of the Turkish-Armenian border, without asking (...)

30 janvier 2015

In response to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s invitation for the commemoration ceremonies of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan issued a letter on the official website of the President of (...)

30 janvier 2015

On January 12, 2015, Andrea Mitchell hosted France’s Ambassador to the United States Gerard Araud at “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on MSNBC to discuss the intelligence risks facing France following attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie (...)

30 janvier 2015

Turgut Kerem TUNCEL - Specialist, AVIM - On January 13th, 2015 six members of the Avestisyan family in Gyumri were found shot to death in their beds in the same house. The only survivor was a six-month old boy, who passed away few days later (...)

30 avril 2014, par Maxime Gauin

The commemorations of the victory on August 30 are widespread every year, but too few Turks know today that August 30 does not mean only a military success, but also a victory against the war crimes of the Greek army and its Armenian volunteers. (...)

12 mars 2014, par Hakan

Israelis do not remember that in the year of the expulsion, 1492, the country that opened its gates to the exiles from Spain - without constructing prison facilities for them - was Ottoman Turkey. “The only oasis of the tribe, for which all (...)

24 mai 2013, par TN-pige

Former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said on Wednesday that it is a great mistake for democratic countries to involve their parliaments in the Armenian issue. Speaking at a private meeting in İstanbul, Villepin said that the (...)

3 mars 2013

On February 26, a vernissage of the exhibition "The Night of Khojaly" comprised of paintings which French Artist Renaud Baltzinger devoted to the Khojaly tragedy, was held at the Cultural Centre of Azerbaijan in Paris, the website of Heydar (...)

13 février 2013

DHA photo : Severoğlu, the head of Gaziantep Architects’ Chamber, claims that France owes an apology to the city. French soldiers used Turkish children in Gaziantep as war prisoners after World War I, the head of Gaziantep Architects’ Chamber (...)

25 janvier 2013

The eighth session of the OIC Parliamentary Union held in Khartoum (Sudan) has ended, according to the Istanbul headquarters of the OIC Youth Forum. The organization unites the parliaments of 51 OIC member-states and holds its sessions once in (...)

18 janvier 2013

Photo : Bahadır Kaleağası, the international coordinator of the Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen’s Association and president of the Paris Bosporus Institute, spoke to Today’s Zaman on Turkey-EU relations. (Photo : Today’s Zaman, Mehmet Yaman) (...)

20 décembre 2012

Not counting Lavrion, the DHKP-C has two additional camps in Greece : Kinesa and Dileysi. Militants are receiving explosives and armed training at these camps situated along the Aegean coast. With the increasing number of attacks over the past (...)

20 décembre 2012

The Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), a terrorist organization that has carried out eight terrorist attacks over the past six months in Turkey, signed a protocol agreement with intelligence officials in Greece which includes (...)

17 décembre 2012, par Maxime Gauin

INFO TURQUIE NEWS - - Nous vous proposons de découvrir cet article (en anglais) accablant publié sur le site Strategic Outlook à propos de la méthodologie fallacieuse du sociaologue allemand d’ascendance kurdo-arménienne, Taner (...)

20 août 2012, par Hakan

[Todays Zaman] - A statue in memory of a Turkish military attaché killed in Canada is set to be erected in the country’s capital city, Ottawa, according to a report by the Hürriyet daily on Tuesday. The statue of Col. Atilla Altıkat, who was (...)

27 juillet 2012, par Hakan

[Jerusalem Post] - Israel and Turkey need to find a way to restore the important relationship they once had, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told a delegation of senior Turkish print journalists he met earlier this week. The PMO put out a (...)

26 janvier 2012

by SOPHİE QUİNTİN ADALI Honorable members of the Senate and of the National Assembly, There is something rotten in our Republic. The adoption by the two chambers of a law criminalizing a thought crime (denial of Armenian “genocide”) is both a (...)

12 août 2011, par Hakan

In July 2011, the commemoration of the genocidal massacre at Srebrenica, particularly in Istanbul, and the more recently the arrest of GoranHadzic, recalled the extensive practice of ethnic cleansing by Serbian forces during the Yugoslav Civil (...)

29 mai 2011, par Hakan

Though poised to become the first ever Syriac elected to Turkey’s Parliament, independent Mardin candidate Erol Dora has stressed that his job will be to represent the southeast rather than simply his religious community. “If I manage to enter (...)

4 mai 2011

ANKARA, Turkey (AP) — Turkey has launched a project to conserve an ancient Armenian cathedral and a church in what is seen as a gesture of reconciliation toward its neighbor. Turkey and Armenia have been locked in a bitter dispute for decades (...)

14 avril 2011

One more time, Armenian nationalists are attempting to obtain the discussion and the majority vote, by the Senate, of the bill which would criminalize the challenge and “denial” of “Armenian genocide” claims. The Armenian Revolutionary Federation (...)

31 mars 2011, par Hakan

Armenia has no intention of politicizing the country’s drive for nuclear power and is willing to aid Turkey in its quest for atomic energy, Armenian officials said. “We have no intention whatsoever of turning the nuclear energy debate into a (...)

31 juillet 2009

by Jonathan Wilson Armenians are a proud people, and if you aren’t Turkish and you don’t deny their unproven genocide, they are also a very friendly people. I’ve met many Armenians over the years, since I am American, they are extremely friendly (...)

13 mai 2009

US administration will reduce the financial assistance to Armenia in fiscal year 2010, American Armenian Association said. US administration will reduce the financial assistance to Armenia in fiscal year 2010, American Armenian Association (...)

13 mai 2009

The presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia have agreed on the "basic ideas" of resolving the Nagorno-Karbakh conflict during a meeting in the Czech capital of Prague, a U.S. official said on Thursday. The presidents of Azerbaijan and Armenia have (...)

13 mai 2009

Nagorno Karabakh important politics, Anahit Danielyan At a reception for the launch of his new book, “Speaking to be Heard” (Armenian version - “An Unfinished Decade”), former RoA Foreign Minister Vardan Oskanian stated, “We started out solving the (...)

4 juillet 2008

ANKARA - Turkey`s thesis against Armenian allegations about the events of 1915 has been adopted for the first time by the general assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Alaattin Buyukkaya, who leads the (...)

21 avril 2008

Source : Kommersant // The Council of Europe threatens to deny Armenia the right to vote Yesterday the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) decided to deny the Armenian delegation the right to vote from June, this year, unless (...)

7 avril 2008

The crucial point that many Turkish lobbyists miss is that you need to invoke calmer argumentation when your viewpoint is the less accepted one by Justin Paul Justin Paul is a JD Candidate at the William Mitchell College of Law in Saint Paul, (...)

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